Comcast Takes 100-Meg Internet Down Jersey Shore


Comcast has started to roll out 100-Megabit-per-second high-speed Internet service to businesses in its southern New Jersey systems.

The MSO debuted the 100-Mbps "Deluxe 100" business tier -- one of the fastest broadband services available in the U.S. -- last year in Minneapolis/St. Paul. Since then, it has launched the service in parts of New Jersey; Philadelphia and surrounding counties; northern Delaware; Washington, D.C.; Baltimore; Harrisburg, Pa., and parts of central Pennsylvania; Augusta, Ga.; and Washington State and Oregon.

The Deluxe 100 service, which provides 10 Mbps upstream, is delivered using cable's next-generation DOCSIS 3.0 technology. The tier now is available to businesses in parts of Pleasantville, Vineland, Wildwood and Avalon, N.J. Priced at $369.95 per month, the service includes Microsoft SharePoint and Outlook e-mail as well as Norton Business Suite software for up to 25 PCs, with a range of website hosting and other options available.

Comcast also is preparing to launch a 100- or 105-Mbps residential service. The MSO was rumored to be gearing up to debut "Extreme 105" in June, but it hasn't launched any such tier yet.

With download speeds up to 100 Mbps, customers would be able to transfer a 2-Gigabyte file in about 2.5 minutes compared with 3 hours over a typical 1.5-Mbps business-class T-1 line.

Other MSOs in the U.S. that offer 100-Mbps or faster service include Cablevision Systems, which offers a 101-Mbps residential service; Mediacom Communications, with 105 Mbps; and Suddenlink Communications, which offers 107 Mbps in select markets.