Comcast Takes 'Wideband' To Boston-Area Businesses


Comcast this week will begin offering 50-Mbps Internet service to small and midsize businesses in more than 300 communities the Boston metro area.

The operator is introducing two "wideband" Business Class tiers: Deluxe, with up to 50 Mbps downloads and 10 Mbps uploads for $189.95 monthly; and Premium, 22 / 5 Mbps for $99.95 monthly.

Comcast offers the DOCSIS 3.0-based high-speed Internet services to consumers in the same 300-plus communities throughout Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire, with additional launches ongoing. The company launched wideband in the area last fall.

The MSO also has launched wideband in other markets, including Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Fort Wayne, Hartford, parts of New Jersey, Philadelphia, Portland, Minneapolis/St. Paul and Seattle.

In February, Comcast announced it expected to upgrade to DOCSIS 3.0 technology in 65% of its footprint by the end of 2009, representing more than 30 million homes and businesses passed.

Also Tuesday, Cablevision Systems announced it will launch a 101-Mbps downstream Internet service to 5 million households in its New York-area footprint next month. The Optimum Online Ultra service, offering up to 15-Mbps uploads, is priced at $99.95 per month.