Comcast, Ucentric Team Up Again


Home-networking provider Ucentric Systems announced a second trial with
Comcast Corp., this one a field trial in Philadelphia that will include chip
manufacturer Broadcom Corp.

Comcast has been testing Ucentric's software in a trial that began last
October and is still ongoing, the companies said.

The trial will use Comcast's coaxial cable lines and Home Phone Line
Networking Alliance (HomePNA) technology. Broadcom will supply the HomePNA
'iLine32' chip, which provides the physical and quality-of-service protocol
layer, while Ucentric will supply its 'Home Media' local-area-network

'We now have a cost-efficient, standards-based solution with enough bandwidth
to run advanced video solutions,' Ucentric CEO Michael Collette said in a
prepared statement.

Among other services, Collette added, operators can use home networking to
offer personal-video-recording capabilities on multiple TVs without the need to
purchase separate PVR boxes for each TV set.