Comcast Will Sell Long Distance


Philadelphia -- Comcast Corp.'s Comcast Cable
Communications will begin selling long-distance telephone service under its own brand name
by June, according to company officials.

Comcast had been selling long-distance service through a
partnership with Sprint Corp., but the long-distance component of that relationship is
expected to end once Comcast has completed its national rollout of the service, Comcast
executives said.

However, Comcast remains a partner in Sprint PCS, a growing
wireless network that also includes Tele-Communications Inc., Cox Communications Inc. and
Sprint Corp.

The branding move comes on the heels of Comcast's
recent acquisition of GlobalComm Telecommunications Inc., a regional long-distance
provider based in Wayne, Pa. Now that Comcast owns GlobalComm, one industry observer said,
selling long-distance directly was an inevitable move to 'cut out the

Marketing plans for the new service are still being
formulated, Comcast executives said.