Comcast Won't Run Qwest DSL Ads


Comcast Corp. is risking being perceived as abusing its market power by
refusing to run digital-subscriber-line ads from rival Qwest Communications
International Inc.

Qwest chairman Richard Notebaert wrote a letter to Comcast CEO Brian Roberts
to complain.

Comcast attempted to downplay its refusal to run DSL ads by noting that it
does run Qwest ads, including ads for bundles that include that service. But
spokesman Tim Fitzpatrick acknowledged that Comcast refuses to run DSL-specific

Qwest spokesman Bill Myers pointed out the hypocrisy of Comcast's position.
"They run ads in Qwest Yellow Pages. They can use our local phone network to
telemarket. We're asking for the same right and ability," Myers said.

Comcast won't allow Quest to include DSL pricing information in its ads --
the main selling point for DSL over Comcast's cable-modem