Comcast Working On DNS Fix For Arris Gateways


Comcast and Arris Group are developing an update for two of the vendor's DOCSIS gateways to fix a glitch that prevents subscribers from using third-party domain name system (DNS) services -- an issue the MSO estimates potentially affects only a few dozen customers.

Essentially, the Arris gateways do not allow a user to change the devices' DNS IP address. The operator identified the issue and posted messages about it on the Comcast DOCSIS Device Compatibility and Capability site on May 25, according to Comcast.

OpenDNS, a provider of Internet security and DNS services, contacted Comcast about the issue, according to an MSO spokesman. The operator has not heard any customer complaints about the issue, the spokesman added.

According to an Arris spokesman, the issue does not affect MSOs other than Comcast.

The notices on Comcast's website indicate a software defect on the Arris TG852 and TG862 gateways, "which may cause problems for a small number of users attempting to use third-party DNS services. Arris and Comcast are working to correct this issue and will deploy updated device firmware to resolve the issue."

The MSO also said customers may opt to receive a replacement DOCSIS device for no charge instead of waiting for the firmware update.