Comcast Wraps Up Detroit VoIP Trial

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Comcast Cable Communications Inc. said it has completed a six-month
voice-over-Internet-protocol technology trial in the Detroit area.

Instead of a pure IP setup, Comcast tested packet-voice services in the
access network (home to headend) by leveraging TollBridge Technologies Inc.'s
'TB300' gateway, Arris' Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification
1.1-qualified 'C4' cable-modem-termination system and a class-5 switch the MSO
inherited via a system swap with AT&T Broadband.

That same switch is also serving Comcast's existing constant-bit-rate
telephony customers in the market.

Further down the road, Comcast plans to tap a fully compliant PacketCable
network to foster VoIP services and other multimedia, IP-based applications.

The company is currently baking off a variety of soft switches in its
Philadelphia laboratory, and it might consider a market trial for the technology
later this year, senior vice president of new media development Steve Craddock
said in an earlier interview.

TollBridge said the completed test marks a milestone for the company 'because
it validates our product strategy and provides an alternative for Comcast to
offer cable-telephony services to its subscribers without waiting for the full
completion of the end-to-end VoIP network,'' president and CEO Gary Tauss said
in a press release.

TollBridge's gateway is designed to allow cable operators to offer
IP-telephone services via a traditional class-5 switch, but also to migrate to a
full PacketCable network.