Comcastic: A Comcast Timeline

Ralph Roberts Grew Cable Op From Humble Roots to Powerhouse

Comcast has come a long way since founder Ralph Roberts bought his first cable system in tiny Tupelo, Miss., in 1963. Roberts passed away overnight in Philadelphia. Here are some of the company’s major milestones in the past 50-plus years.


  • Comcast is founded by Ralph Roberts with the purchase of American Cable Systems, a 1,200-subscriber cable system in Tupelo, MS. Dan Aaron and Julian Brodsky join as Ralph’s earliest colleagues who would help build the Company.


  • Comcast purchases Storecast Corporation of America, a marketing firm that helped food companies track and improve the placement of their products in supermarkets. 


  • Comcast acquired its first Muzak franchise in Orlando, FL and over the next several years would acquire many more. Storecast was a client of Muzak and provided background music to retailers and marketing services to manufacturers selling through retail stores.


  • American Cable Systems is renamed Comcast and incorporated in Pennsylvania.


  • Comcast marks its first public stock offering. Stock is traded on the NASDAQ Stock Market under the ticker symbol CMCSA.


  • The Philadelphia Flyers hockey franchise wins its first Stanley Cup. The team is later purchased and managed by Comcast-Spectacor.
  • Brian Roberts has his first internship at Comcast working for Storecast on supermarket promotions.            


  • Brian Roberts received his first training as a cable installer in the Company’s Westmoreland cable system, where he learned how to install cable in homes, handle service calls and climb poles.


  • Comcast celebrates its 5th anniversary as a public company.
  • Dan Aaron is named Chairman of the National Cable & Television Association. (The organization later became and is now known as the National Cable & Telecommunications Association.)


  • Comcast introduces HBO for the first time to 20,000 customers in western Pennsylvania with a five-night free preview. After the preview period, more than 3,000 customers ordered the service.


  • Brian Roberts graduates from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and joins Comcast full time as a trainee for the Trenton system.
  • Storecast enters into the video game market by introducing the popular games Pac-Man and Asteroids.


  • Brian Roberts transfers to Flint, MI, where he is responsible for marketing customer service and apartment building expansion.


  • Brian Roberts becomes General Manager of the Company’s Trenton system, managing its day-to-day operations.


  • Brian Roberts joins Comcast’s corporate office as Vice President of Operations for the Company’s cable division.


  • Comcast more than doubles in size by adding 1.2 million cable customers with the purchase of a 26 percent interest in Group W Cable, Inc.
  • Comcast makes a founding investment in QVC for $380 million.


  • Comcast founder Dan Aaron receives the National Cable & Telecommunications Association’s Distinguished Vanguard Award.


  • Brian Roberts is elected to the Comcast Corporation Board of Directors.
  • Comcast celebrates its 25th anniversary.
  • Comcast purchases 50 percent of Storer Communications, Inc., increasing the number of Comcast subscribers to over 2 million. The Company is now recognized as one of the nation’s leading cable companies.
  • Comcast enters the cellular telephone field with the acquisition of American Cellular Network Corporation (AMCELL), whose New Jersey and Wilmington, DE service territory covered a population of 2.3 million. Comcast Cellular Communications division is formed.


  • The 31-year-old Brian Roberts is elected President of Comcast Corporation. 


  • Comcast acquires controlling interest in Metromedia Company’s Metrophone cellular system tripling the population area served to 7.4 million.


  • Comcast founder Ralph Roberts receives the National Cable & Telecommunications Association’s Distinguished Vanguard Award.


  • Comcast acquires Maclean Hunter’s U.S. cable operations, adding 550,000 customers and becoming the third largest cable operator in the United States with approximately 3.3 million customers.
  • Comcast UK Cable Partners, which was constructing a cable telecommunications network in the U.K., goes public.
  • Comcast becomes an original investor in The Golf Channel (along with Continental Cablevision, Cablevision Industries, Adelphia Cable, Newhouse Broadcasting and Times Mirror). 


  • Comcast increases its stake in QVC to 57.5 percent for $1.4 billion.
  • Comcast announces the acquisition of E.W. Scripps cable systems, adding 800,000 subscribers and bringing Comcast’s customer total to 4.3 million.
  • Brian Roberts is named National Cable & Telecommunications Association chairman.


  • Comcast launches its first broadband product. Comcast@Home high-speed cable modem service debuts in Baltimore, MD and Sarasota, FL markets in December 1996.
  • Comcast and entrepreneur Ed Snider form Comcast-Spectacor, a sports venture owning the NHL Philadelphia Flyers and the NBA Philadelphia 76ers and operating hundreds of entertainment venues across the country. 
  • Comcast announces the formation of Comcast SportsNet, a regional sports channel in Philadelphia. 


  • Microsoft invests $1 billion in Comcast.
  • Comcast acquires a 50.1 percent controlling interest in E! Entertainment through a partnership with Disney.
  • Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia launches.
  • Comcast launches Digital TV.


  • Comcast founder Julian Brodsky receives the National Cable & Telecommunications Association’s Distinguished Vanguard Award.
  • Comcast Cable announces the acquisition of Jones Intercable, Inc., gaining an additional 1 million customers.
  • Comcast announces its investment in Prime Communications and acquires an additional 430,000 subscribers.
  • Comcast UK Cable Partners is sold to NTL, Inc.
  • Style Network launches. The new channel is dedicated to style, fashion and design.


  • Comcast Cellular is sold to SBC Communications of San Antonio, TX for $1.7 billion.
  • Comcast acquires Greater Philadelphia Cablevision, Inc., a subsidiary of Greater Media, Inc., serving 79,000 cable customers in Philadelphia.
  • Comcast and MediaOne announce a $60 billion merger. When the merger agreement is terminated later in the year, Comcast receives a $1.5 billion termination fee.
  • Comcast and AT&T enter into an agreement to exchange various cable communications systems. Under the terms of the agreement, Comcast received cable communications systems serving 1.5 million subscribers.
  • Comcast Interactive Capital Group is formed by Julian Brodsky to make technology and Internet related investments; it makes its first investment in VeriSign.
  • Comcast University, the Company’s nationwide training and development organization, hosts its first class. “CU” was created to provide training and resources that assist in the development and growth of employees.
  • Comcast SportsNet Southeast launches.


  • Comcast completes the acquisition of Lenfest Communications, Inc., adding approximately 1.3 million cable subscribers.
  • Comcast completes cable system swaps with Adelphia and AT&T Broadband, gaining Adelphia customers in Florida, Indiana, Michigan, New Jersey, New Mexico and Pennsylvania and AT&T Broadband customers in Florida, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C.
  • Comcast founder Ralph Roberts is inducted into the Cable Hall of Fame. 


  • Comcast SportsNet Mid-Atlantic launches. 
  • Comcast completes the acquisition of select AT&T Broadband cable systems in six states, adding 585,000 customers.
  • Comcast acquires Fox Cable Network Group’s interest in The Golf Channel, giving Comcast more than a 90 percent stake and controlling interest in the channel.
  • Comcast completes the acquisition of Outdoor Life Network.
  • Comcast completes the acquisition of 112,000 AT&T Broadband subscribers in Baltimore, MD.
  • Comcast and AT&T Broadband announce agreement to merge, which would form the largest cable company in the United States with over 21.4 million subscribers.
  • Comcast receives Multichannel News’ Innovator Award for Local Programming for CN8, The Comcast Network.
  • The first annual companywide Comcast Cares Day kicks off. Over 6,100 Comcast volunteers committed a day of service to their communities across the Comcast footprint.


  • Brian Roberts is named Chief Executive Officer of Comcast Corporation.
  • Comcast founder Dan Aaron is inducted into the Cable Hall of Fame.
  • Money magazine names Comcast one of the top five performing stocks over a 30-year period.
  • Comcast launches high-definition television (HDTV) service.
  • Comcast and AT&T Broadband complete their $47.5 billion merger, combining systems to serve almost 22 million video customers in 38 states and District of Columbia, with 6.3 million digital video customers, 3.3 million high-speed data customers and 1.3 million cable phone subscribers.
  • Comcast launches Comcast High-Speed Internet. 


  • Comcast is named Operator of the Year by industry trade publication Multichannel News.
  • Comcast founder Julian Brodsky is inducted into the Cable Hall of Fame.
  • Mark Coblitz received National Cable & Telecommunications Association’s Vanguard Award for Science and Technology.
  • Comcast sells its 57% stake in QVC to Liberty Media for $7.7 billion. Comcast’s initial investment in QVC was $380 million.
  • Comcast launches Video On Demand.
  •  Comcast and Radio One announce the creation of TV One, a new African American television network.
  • Comcast founder Ralph Roberts receives the Trustees Award from The National Television Academy.
  • Comcast acquires an additional 8.6% interest in The Golf Channel (previously held by the Tribune Company) giving Comcast 99.9% ownership.
  • Comcast, in conjunction with the Chicago Blackhawks, Bulls, Cubs and White Sox, announce the formation of Comcast SportsNet Chicago.
  • Comcast Digital Video Recorder (DVR) is unveiled, bringing more control and convenience to customers by allowing them to record, pause, rewind and fast-forward live television with the touch of a button.
  • is launched.
  • debuts The Fan, an innovative broadband multimedia player that offers an easy way to search, watch, organize and save favorite video content.


  • Brian Roberts is named Chairman of Comcast Corporation.
  • Comcast completes the acquisition of TechTV Inc. TechTV and G4 begin operating as one network available to 44 million cable and satellite homes nationally, providing video and computer game-related programming.
  • Comcast acquires an additional 10.4% interest in E! Entertainment Television (giving Comcast a total interest of 60.5%), and a 100% ownership interest in International Channel Networks (which operates AZN Television) after a stock exchange agreement with Liberty Media Corp.
  • Comcast SportsNet California launches.
  • Julian Brodsky receives Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing’s Chairman’s Award.


  • Comcast launches Comcast Digital Voice.
  • Comcast secures the broadcasting rights to NHL games through the 2007 season (with the option for more seasons) on the Outdoor Life Network.
  • Comcast partners with PBS, HIT Entertainment and Sesame Workshop to launch PBS KIDS Sprout, a 24/7 linear channel designed for preschoolers.
  • Comcast and Time Warner agree to jointly acquire the assets of Adelphia Communications and swap select systems, giving Comcast 1.7 million additional video subscribers.
  • Comcast acquires a 20% interest in Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc.
  • Comcast acquires the cable systems of Susquehanna Communications for $775 million and gains 225,000 subscribers.
  • Comcast announces the creation of Comcast Interactive Media (CIM), a new division that will develop and grow the Company’s Internet businesses.
  • TComcast marks 1 billion Video On Demand views.


  • Comcast and Sony announce the creation of a new multiplatform horror network — FEARnet.
  • Comcast and Walmart partner to offer Internet, video and phone services to Walmart’s Connection Centers.
  • Comcast and Time Warner announce the dissolution of their Texas and Kansas City Cable Partnership. Comcast receives systems in Houston, TX and gains an additional 700,000 basic video subscribers.
  • Comcast On Demand service tops 3 billion total views.
  • Comcast adds over one million Comcast Digital Voice customers in less than two years, highlighting the record growth Comcast continues to experience across all its products.
  • Comcast is named Operator of the Year by industry trade publication Multichannel News.
  • Outdoor Life Network changes its name to VERSUS and announces the network’s distribution has surpassed 70 million homes.
  • Brian Roberts is inducted into the Cable Hall of Fame.
  • Comcast announces the creation of Comcast Entertainment Group, a new division established to oversee the Company’s West Coast entertainment properties that include E! Entertainment Television, The Style Network and G4.
  • FEARnet, the first multiplatform horror network, debuts on demand, online and on mobile devices.
  • Comcast and NBC Universal announce an agreement to offer On Demand hit shows from NBC, USA Network, Bravo and Sci Fi Channel.
  • Comcast and CBS introduce free On Demand episodes of primetime CBS shows for Comcast Digital Cable customers.
  • Comcast and The Walt Disney Company announce long-term comprehensive distribution agreements securing carriage for Disney Media Networks’ products and services.
  • Comcast acquires The Walt Disney Company’s 39.5% ownership stake in E! Networks. E! Networks, which includes E! Entertainment Television and Style Network, becomes wholly owned by Comcast.
  • Comcast and CSTV Networks, Inc. team up to launch The mtn. — MountainWest Sports Network.
  • SportsNet New York launches.
  • Comcast acquires The Platform, the leading online video management and publishing company. 
  • Comcast Business Services launches for small businesses with less than 20 employees.
  • Comcast launches its PowerBoost Internet speed feature.
  • Comcast successfully begins partnering with Hollywood studios to test Day and Date, a new service releasing movies On Demand the same day they are released on DVD.


  • Comcast announces its two million Comcast Digital Voice customer milestone.
  • Comcast acquires Patriot Media for a net cash investment of approximately $483 million and gains 81,000 video subscribers.
  • Comcast reaches an agreement to acquire Fandango, the nation’s premier destination for movie information, showtimes and ticketing, and one of the Web’s top entertainment sites.
  • Comcast SportsNet Bay Area launches.
  • Comcast SportsNet New England launches.
  • Comcast SportsNet Northwest launches.
  • Comcast Center opens as the nation’s tallest LEED Certified building.


  • Comcast and Insight Communications Company, Inc. announce the completion of an agreement to divide the Insight Midwest partnership in which each party held a 50% interest. (Comcast inherited the partnership as part of the 2003 AT&T Broadband acquisition). Comcast became 100% owners of the Insight cable systems serving areas of Illinois and Indiana, which added 696,000 basic video customers to the Company’s service area. 
  • Comcast launches SmartZone, an online communications center to check email, voicemail and keep a universal address book.
  • Comcast launches AnyRoom Video On Demand, which enables users to start an On Demand program on one television and continue to view it on any other television in the home with a digital cable box.
  • Brian Roberts delivers industry-first keynote address at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and launches Project Infinity, the Company’s vision to bring any content to any device at any time.
  • Comcast Interactive Media launches
  • Comcast purchases DailyCandy from Pilot Group.
  • Comcast invests in Clearwire.
  • Comcast acquires
  • Comcast reaches 10 billion On Demand views.


  • Comcast becomes the nation’s largest Internet service provider.
  • Comcast Corporation becomes the third-largest residential phone service provider in the United States.
  • Comcast begins its national rollout of high-speed wireless Internet service — Comcast High-Speed 2go.
  • Comcast launches a technical trial of On Demand Online with approximately 5,000 customers from across the U.S. to test Comcast’s new “authentication” technology via and
  • Comcast and General Electric announce they have signed a definitive agreement to form a joint venture that will be 51 percent owned by Comcast, 49% owned by GE and managed by Comcast. The joint venture will consist of the NBC Universal businesses and Comcast’s cable networks, regional sports networks, and certain digital properties and unconsolidated investments.
  • Comcast Corp. launches nationally an innovative new service called Fancast XFINITY TV. The new website gives customers an “anytime, anywhere” entertainment experience — at home and on-the-go — at no additional cost.
  • Comcast and Time Warner Inc. introduce TV Everywhere with the goal of delivering content to customers on any device, anywhere at any time.
  • The Comcast Network — Philadelphia launches.
  • The Comcast Network — Mid-Atlantic launches.
  • New England Cable News launches.
  • TV Everywhere Online launches.
  • Comcast introduces 50 Mbps Internet service.
  • Comcast offers 100 HD channels.
  • Comcast offers universal Caller ID for the TV and computer.


  • Company co-founder and chairman emeritus Ralph Roberts turns 90. In an interview with Multichannel News, he says, “I’ve always been very fortunate in whatever business I have been in, and I have been in quite a few. I’ve had no unpleasant moments in business.”
  • Comcast releases a new version of the Comcast Mobile app available for the iPhone and iPod touch that includes a remote DVR (rDVR) programming service.
  • Comcast unveils Xfinity as the new brand for technology platforms and products.
  • Comcast and General Electric announce that Steve Burke will serve as Chief Executive Officer of NBCUniversal upon the close of Comcast’s acquisition of 51%of NBCUniversal from GE.
  • Comcast officially launches — offering 150,000 video choices online — and introduces the Xfinity TV app.
  • Comcast announces its On Demand service has reached a total of 18 billion views since it launched in 2003.
  • The Xfinity Mobile app becomes available to Android-powered devices.
  • Comcast invests in the sFund, an initiative to find, fund and accelerate a new wave of applications and services that enhance the social networking experience.
  • Comcast partners with The Masters to debut the first live 3-D television event.


  • Comcast and Samsung Electronics Co, Ltd. announce a partnership to bring the Xfinity TV app to Samsung smart televisions and tablets.
  • On January 28, 2011, Comcast and General Electric complete their transaction to form NBCUniversal, LLC.
  • Comcast launches video streaming on the Xfinity TV app for the iPad, giving subscribers access to nearly 3,000 hours of movies and TV shows both in and out of the home.
  • Comcast launches Xfinity 3D, a new 24-hour, next-generation 3-D channel.
  • Comcast introduces Xfinity Signature Support, a 24/7 end-to-end technical support and equipment protection program for the growing number of home electronics devices.
  • Comcast and NBCUniversal create a Joint External Diversity Advisory Council to advise leadership on diversity efforts and initiatives. The Council, comprised of leaders from various organizations and minority groups, represents the interests of African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanics and women along with veterans, Native Americans, people with disabilities and the LGBT community.
  • Comcast begins an effort to launch 10 new independent television networks over the next eight years.
  • Comcast begins offering Extreme 105 residential Xfinity Internet service to more than 40 million homes across the United States.
  • NBC Sports Group reaches a 10-year television and media rights deal with the National Hockey League, taking the partnership through the 2020-21 season. NBC.
  • Comcast becomes the first provider to stream content from five premium channels via the Xfinity TV app — HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, Starz and Encore.
  • The Xfinity Triple Play Self-Install Kit is introduced, enabling customers to install and activate their Xfinity TV, Voice and Internet services at their convenience.
  • Comcast introduces a 100 Mbps Internet speed tier for business customers.
  • Comcast announces it is streaming nearly 6,000 hours of On Demand content through its Xfinity TV app — double the content since launch.
  • Comcast announces that consumers watched 20 billion entertainment choices On Demand since the service was launched in 2003.
  • Comcast Interactive Capital, the venture capital affiliate of Comcast Corporation, is combined with the Peacock Equity Fund, the former venture capital affiliate of NBCUniversal and General Electric, to form a newly combined fund called Comcast Ventures. Comcast Ventures oversees a portfolio of investments valued at approximately $750 million. Amy Banse is named Head of Fund.
  • Comcast announces the launch of its landmark Internet Essentials program, which provides low-cost Internet service, affordable computers and digital literacy training to families with children eligible for a free or reduced-cost lunch under the National School Lunch Program.
  • The International Olympic Committee awards the U.S. media rights to the 2014, 2016, 2018 and 2020 Olympic Games to NBCUniversal for $4.38 billion.
  • Comcast announces it is working with leading technology and content providers to deliver the Company’s next-generation Xfinity TV experience, X1. This new experience will transform the way consumers watch television with a new guide and user interface, making the TV screen more interactive, personal and social.
  • Brian Roberts demonstrates the first 1 gigabit connection over a live broadband network at the Consumer Electronics Show by downloading close to nine hours of content in about 90 seconds.
  • NBCUniversal completes the purchase of The Blackstone Group’s 50% interest in Universal Orlando. NBCUniversal and its affiliates become 100% owners of Universal Studios Florida, Universal’s Islands of Adventure and Universal CityWalk located at Universal Orlando Resort. The enterprise value of the transaction is $3.165 billion.
  • Comcast and NBCUniversal partner to launch dynamic ad insertion in On Demand programming. The partnership further leverages On Demand service as an advertising platform and allows clients to more effectively target their marketing messages.
  • Comcast is named Operator of the Year by industry trade publication Multichannel News.
  • NBCUniversal’s Telemundo acquires exclusive Spanish language U.S. media rights to FIFA World Cup soccer from 2015 through 2022.
  • Comcast launches an updated The site features a new look, easy one-click access to the best and most current TV shows and movies, and more tools to personalize the viewing experience.
  • Comcast announces a partnership with Microsoft to bring Xfinity On Demand to the Xbox 360.
  • NBCUniversal announces a new and extensive media rights agreement to extend its NFL rights package through the 2022 season. The new agreement includes many enhancements broadening the exposure of NFL content on NBC, and across other NBCUniversal platforms.
  • Comcast launches Xfinity Internet2go (MiFi).
  • Comcast Ventures creates $20 million Diversity Fund to support minority entrepreneurs and start-up companies. 


  • Comcast and NBCUniversal deliver first multiplatform Olympics to American viewers, streaming every event live online.
  • SpectrumCo, LLC, a joint venture between Comcast Corporation, Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks, sells 122 advanced wireless services spectrum licenses to Verizon Wireless for $3.6 billion.
  • Comcast launches 305 Mbps high-speed Internet service.
  • Internet Essentials enrolls 100,000 families.
  • Comcast announces it has signed distribution agreements with diverse, independent networks, including Magic Johnson’s ASPiRE, Sean “Diddy” Combs’ REVOLT, BabyFirst America and others, to bring minority-owned and independent content to viewers nationwide.
  • Comcast launches nation’s first tailored Triple Play package for the Hispanic market.
  • Comcast and The Walt Disney Company announce unprecedented, long-term comprehensive distribution agreement that will deliver Disney’s top-quality sports, news and entertainment content to Comcast’s Xfinity TV customers into the next decade on television, online, and on tablets and handheld devices.
  • Comcast, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, and civic and community leaders kick off year two of the groundbreaking Internet Essentials Program designed to help close the digital divide.
  • Comcast Leaders and Achievers Program awards nearly $2 million to high school seniors nationwide.
  • Comcast begins National launch of X1, the next-generation cloud-enabled television platform, and introduces the X1 Remote Control app.
  • Comcast launches new streaming video service, Xfinity Streampix.
  • Comcast SportsNet Houston launches.


  • Comcast acquires GE’s entire 49% common equity stake in the NBCUniversal joint venture for approximately $16.7 billion  Additionally, NBCUniversal purchases from GE the properties used by NBCUniversal at 30 Rockefeller Plaza and CNBC’s headquarters in Englewood Cliffs, NJ for approximately $1.4 billion.  
  • Comcast launches the new Xfinity Wireless Gateway, giving customers the fastest in-home WiFi connection versus its major competitors.
  • Comcast launches its neighborhood WiFi initiative with the goal to enable millions of Xfinity WiFi hotspots at no additional cost.
  • Comcast launches Xfinity Home Control, becoming the first in the industry to offer customers a smart home solution without security.
  • Outdoor Xfinity WiFi hotspots provide the fastest WiFi speeds available.
  • Comcast launches its new ultra-fast speed tier, Extreme 505.
  • Xfinity WiFi network is the largest network in the country with more than 350,000 hotspots.
  • Internet Essentials hits a key milestone and enrolls 1 million low-income Americans, or more than 250,000 families.
  • Comcast is named "Operator of the Year" by industry trade publication Multichannel News.
  • Neil Smit is inducted into the Broadcasting & Cable Hall of Fame.
  • Comcast launches the new Xfinity TV Go app, a major update to the Xfinity TV Player app, which enables customers to watch up to 35 television channels over the internet on their Apple and Adroid-powered mobile devices.


  • Comcast and Univision Communications Inc. announce they have reached a long-term agreement for Comcast to distribute Univision Deportes Network (UDN) to XFINITY TV customers who subscribe to its Digital Preferred or XFINITY Latino levels of service.
  • Comcast launches Xfinity On Campus, a service that lets college students watch live TV and On Demand content on their IP-enabled devices, including, laptops, tablets and smartphones while on campus.
  • Comcast Cable and ESPN reach an agreement for carriage of the SEC Network, giving Comcast subscribers authenticated access to additional live events scheduled for the SEC Network’s and Comcast’s digital platforms – including the Xfinity TV Go app and website, WatchESPN and – with the ability to watch SEC Network live and on-demand content anytime, anywhere on their television, computer, tablet or mobile device.
  • Comcast Corporation announces that Comcast and NBCUniversal have hired 3,000 veterans since January 2012, far outpacing our goal to hire 2,000 by 2015 as part of our ongoing partnership with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s "Hiring Our Heroes" initiative.
  • Comcast Corporation and Liberty Property Trust announce they will jointly develop the "Comcast Innovation and Technology Center" on the 1800 block of Arch Street in Center City Philadelphia. The proposed $1.2 billion 59-story, 1,121-foot tower will neighbor Comcast Center, Comcast Corporation's global headquarters, and become a dedicated home for the company's growing workforce of technologists, engineers, and software architects. The facility will also create a media center in the heart of the City by becoming home to the operations of local broadcast television stations NBC 10/WCAU and Telemundo 62/WWSI and offer space for local technology startups.
  • Comcast Corporation and Time Warner Cable announced they have signed a definitive agreement to merge in a friendly, stock-for-stock transaction in which Comcast will acquire 100 percent of Time Warner Cable's 284.9 million shares outstanding for shares of CMCSA amounting to approximately $45.2 billion in equity value.


  • Comcast terminates its agreement to purchase Time Warner Cable, citing regulatory opposition to the merger.
  • Comcast announces a major customer service initiative, committing to building three new regional customer care centers and hiring 5,500 workers by the end of 2017.