Comcast/NBCU Back On the Clock: Source


An source at the Federal Communications Commission indicates the agency plans to put out a public notice announcing that it resumed its review of the Comcast/NBCU joint venture as of July 6, upon receipt of re-filed documents from NBCU.
The commission has an informal, 180-day shot clock on merger reviews. The clock has been stopped twice on Comcast/NBCU, once, on April 16, so the companies could produce a pair of reports on the economic impact of the deal and its effect on online content distbribution. It restarted June 3. The FCC then stopped it again June 16, after it asked both companies for more complete answers to questions about their respective businesses.
Comcast resubmitted its information last week, NBCU on Tuesday
Currently the FCC is in day 37 of its 180 days. Not surprisingly, Comcast and NBCU are looking for as swift a resolution as possible. The Justice Department is also conducting an antitrust review of the deal. Its decision usually precedes that of the FCC, which looks beyond competition issues to the public interest impact.