Comcast/NBCU Support Comment Deadline Extension


Comcast and NBC Universal support the request by the American Cable Association and other critics of the deal for a two-week extension of the Federal Communications Commission deadline for comment on their 599-page defense of their proposed joint venture.

Comcast confirms that it plans to tell the FCC Wednesday that it has no problem giving them the extra two weeks - -until Aug. 19 -- but with the expectation that the agency will not stop its shot clock on review of the deal, which gives the commission until the end of August to vet the deal, though the clock is informal.

The American Cable Association and other small and midsized telcos requested the extra days, saying they were not enough time to go over the document.

Comcast points out that the extra two weeks will give those parties about the same amount of time it had to comment on the numerous filings in initial comments. Initial comments were due June 21, and Comcast's response was due July 21.