Gets Hacked


Comcast’s portal site was temporarily compromised Wednesday night, with hackers redirecting visitors to a message gloating that they had “RoXed” the cable operator.

The homepage was brought down at about 11 p.m. Eastern Time. The vandals redirected users to a page that said "KRYOGENICS Defiant and EBK RoXed Comcast,” according to

Comcast spokesman Charlie Douglas said the company had restored intermittent access to the site by around 3 a.m. Eastern Thursday.

However, he said, throughout the rest of the day some users were still unable to access or their Web-based e-mail. He added that there is no evidence that private subscriber information was lost or compromised in the attack.

"We have alerted law enforcement authorities and are working in conjunction with them," Douglas said.

Comcast had about 14.1 million broadband subscribers as of the end of March, having added 492,000 high-speed Internet customers during the first quarter. The portal provides subscribers with access to Web-based e-mail and voicemail access, news headlines and other features.

Douglas said Comcast believes the information for was altered at domain-name registration provider Network Solutions, which allowed the hackers to redirect the site.