Portal Relaunches


Comcast Corp. introduced the first in a series
of Web-portal upgrades this week that focus less on the pipe and more on what it delivers.

Comcast ( has debuted a new Web-portal design that includes expanded content offerings and ditches
text-heavy presentations in favor of more video and multimedia elements.

There's also a souped-up gaming channel, courtesy of
two deals struck with major online gaming providers.

It's a change made necessary as the broadband market moves to more of a "show
me the value" mainstream audience, according to vice president of marketing and
business development Greg Butz.

The MSO recently upped its cable-modem customer projections, raising them
from 5 million to 5.2 million by the end of 2003.

Comcast research indicated that 25% of dial-up customers will consider
signing on to cable-modem service in the next 12 months.