Comcast's thePlatform Posts To Social Nets


ThePlatform, Comcast's online-video management subsidiary, has hooked into 10 social-networking sites -- including Facebook, MySpace and Twitter -- to let users of its customers' Web sites embed and share online video.

Previously, thePlatform has given customers open APIs to connect to social media sites. Also, the company had provided a one-off integration with Plaxo, the social-networking site that Comcast acquired in 2008.

ThePlatform's Player Development Kit 4.2 allows customers to place their entire video player experience into a single Adobe Flash file for embedding into social networks, blogs, and affiliate sites. The PDK 4.2 is pre-integrated with 10 social media sites: Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Delicious, Microsoft's Windows Live, Yahoo Buzz and Vodpod.

"With the right tools in place, media companies can embrace the notion of consumers becoming the best distributors of their video," thePlatform CEO Ian Blaine said in announcing the features. "With our new Player Development Kit, audiences can clip and share a favorite portion of video with a few simple clicks."

Users can also share video with e-mail-to-a-friend features, RSS feeds and embeddable links, while thePlatform's Community Toolkit enables consumers to comment, rate, tag and create favorites via their players. The new social media player also lets consumers legally share specific sections of a video "in a manner that preserves the financial obligations between content owners and advertisers," according to thePlatform.

The Associated Press is building enhanced video players with thePlatform for its 1,500 affiliates to provide the social-media features, according to Bill Burke, global director of AP's Online Video Products group.

ThePlatform's other customers include four of the biggest U.S. cable operators - Comcast, Cablevision Systems, Cox Communications and Time Warner Cable -- as well as Big Ten Network, CBS College Sports, CNBC, Fox Sports Network, PBS, Rogers Communications and Starz Play.