Comcast's ThePlatform Repackages 'TV Everywhere' Content


ThePlatform, Comcast's online-video publishing subsidiary, has enhanced its MPX system to let cable operators create customized packages of "TV Everywhere" content.

"This lets operators give customers what they expect -- and more," thePlatform senior vice president of sales and marketing worldwide Marty Roberts said.

ThePlatform's MPX video publishing system has added two new features: Subscription Packages and Subscriber Groups.

Subscription Packages are collections of content defined by an operator, such as those that mirror basic, extended or premium channel TV lineups, which can be viewed on devices beyond TVs. These can be offered as a value-added extension or as a standalone premium-priced option.

Subscriber Groups let operators segment customers based on criteria such as subscription level, geography, content rating, device type and content-viewing preferences.

"Operators have never really had a relationship with their users," Roberts said. "This lets them increase the 'time to relevancy' -- how long does it take for someone to find something they want to watch." Initially, he added, thePlatform expects MSO customers to offer expanded TV Everywhere content as part of the core cable TV subscription.

For example, operators could use the new features to create a kids programming bundle of TV Everywhere content, with free online viewing of past episodes of children's shows, for subscribers to watch on their tablets or game consoles.

Within thePlatform's system, subscribers can belong to multiple Subscriber Groups, and can be offered a variety of Subscription Packages to create highly tailored offerings. The features let MSOs create new business policies based on metadata about content and subscribers.

ThePlatform's cable operator customers include Comcast, Liberty Global, Time Warner Cable, Cox Communications, Cablevision Systems and Rogers Communications. TV networks in its client roster include A+E Networks, NBC Local Media, Outdoor Channel, PBS Kids Sprout, Travel Channel Media and truTV.