Comedy Central Is on The Job


Comedy Central announced Tuesday that it will air the six-episode first
season of ABC's The Job, although it has not acquired full repurposing
rights to the comedy skein starring Denis Leary.

Comedy Central will air four episodes from the show -- about a New York City
detective, now in its second season -- each night March 4 through 7, network
executives said. The remaining two will be included in a four-episode marathon
March 10.

The network, however, did not acquire rights to the series' new episodes
currently running on ABC, although Comedy executive vice president and general
manager Bill Hilary said it may pursue those rights if The Job turns out
to be a ratings and branding success.

'This is an interesting, low-risk experiment for us to see how well an
on-brand, off-network comedy/drama series like The Job will perform on
Comedy Central since it is a format we are developing for the future,' Hilary

'There are very few network shows that would fit the network, but The
is certainly one of them,' he added.