Comedy Central To Roast 'The Donald'


Things figure to get a little hairy for The Donald come March 9.
That's when Comedy Central will tape its roast of Donald Trump, with rapid-firings of put downs on the magnate the order of the day in Manhattan. The Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump is the first in the franchise to emanate from New York since 2005. The previous roasts taped in Big Apple involved the sarcastic skewering of Denis Leary and Jeff Foxworthy, the top-rated edition for Comedy Central.

"I'll show up to the roast because Comedy Central is paying me a lot of money, but I'm confused as to how anybody could make fun of me," said Trump

"Donald Trump is a brilliant business man, who has made the Trump name a worldwide brand," said Elizabeth Porter, senior vice president, specials and talent at Comedy Central. " We are so glad he agreed to be roasted. I'm hoping he buys me a plane.
Trump's roasting will be executive-produced by Tenty Planet Productions' Joel Gallen, who has also served in that capacity and directed the network's take downs of David Hasselhoff, Joan Rivers, Larry The Cable Guy, Bob Saget, Flavor-Flav, William Shatner and Pamela Anderson.

Porter is the executive in charge for Comedy, while Andy Litinsky from Trump Productions LLC is a producer on the project.