Comporium Signs 340 Advertisers For FourthWall's Yellow Pages App


Comporium, a midsize cable operator serving North and South Carolina, has signed up more than 340 advertisers for FourthWall Media's Yellow Pages on TV interactive app in the first four months of its rollout.

FourthWall's Yellow Pages on TV, which is based on CableLabs' Enhanced Binary Interchange Format for ITV applications, lets Comporium Digital Video customers look up local businesses by pressing the "A" button on their remotes. The advertising in the app comprises targeted placements and interactive banners that allow viewers to access in-depth information about participating advertisers on Comporium channel 599.

"Yellow Pages on TV, which we call ‘Make it Local,' is a very simple and productive way for local businesses to reach customers," Comporium executive vice president and chief operating officer Glenn McFadden said in a statement.

The 340 advertisers "had never advertised on television before," McFadden added. "We think Yellow Pages on TV is an excellent way for an operator to monetize the cable industry's investment in the EBIF platform."

With the Yellow Pages on TV app, typically more than 70% of users click through to a business, according to Patrick Peters, FourthWall's executive vice president of programming. Almost 7% of users have used the click-to-call feature, which connects a consumer to the merchant.