comScore Offers Free Digital Ad Viewability Measurement

Company aims to restore trust in online media

With transparency and fraud issues slowing down growth in digital advertising, comScore is offering free viewability measurement to clients.

With viewability taken off the table, marketers can focus on metrics that are more important to mounting effective advertising campaigns, comScore CEO Gian Fulgoni said.

Clients have been questioning their digital advertising investments because of worries about viewability, which include ads that appear in a tiny portion of the screen and/or for only a fraction of their full running time. There are also issues with fraud involving getting charged for ads that are seen by bots, rather than by people.

“We want to eliminate viewability as something that one has to worry about,” Fulgoni said. “We hope that this helps restore some trust in digital, which has been buffeted by issues of trust and transparency.”

comScore has found that as much as 55% of digital advertising is not viewable.

“It’s a bigger deal on video than it is for display ads,” Fulgoni said. "And the reason appears to be that the price for video ads is much higher than the price for display ads, and so that attracts more fraudsters."

Programmatic activity involving open exchanges has also opened the door to increased fraud, he said.