comScore: San Diego Is Broadband City


According to a study released Wednesday by comScore Networks, San Diego has become the country’s first metropolitan market in which a majority of Internet users connected to the Web through broadband, rather than narrowband.

comScore said 52% of San Diego Internet users connect via broadband. On the opposite end of the country’s 50 largest markets, 76% of surfers in Albuquerque-Santa Fe, N.M., are still using narrowband services.

Following San Diego, the rest of the top-10 broadband markets, according to the study, are: Boston (50% broadband); New York (49%); Providence, R.I. (47%); Kansas City (46%); Detroit (45%); Tampa-St. Petersburg, Fla. (45%); Orlando, Fla. (44%); San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, Calif. (44%); and Los Angeles (44%).

Following Albuquerque-Santa Fe, the rest of the bottom-10 broadband markets are: Grand Rapids, Mich. (70% narrowband); Harrisburg, Pa. (70%); Indianapolis (70%); Sacramento-Stockton, Calif. (69%); Birmingham, Ala. (68%); Nashville, Tenn. (68%); Louisville, Ky. (67%); Memphis, Tenn. (66%); and St. Louis (66%).