Conexant Debuts Power-Line Networking Design


Conexant Systems Inc. has trotted out what it said is the first reference design for small-office/home-office home networking based in CableHome technology and using a power-line link.

The semiconductor systems provider, along with partner Jungo Software Technologies Inc., has released the reference design based on its "CX82100" home-network processor, the "CX11656 HomePlug 1.0" physical-layer interface and Jungo's Linux-based "OpenRG" software.

Original-equipment manufacturers then can take that design to develop home-networking products using a building's power wiring to transmit data.

Adding the CableHome technology, developed by cable technical consortium Cable Television Laboratories Inc., will open the door for greater home-networking offerings for cable operators, according to Conexant.

"By extending our development efforts with Jungo, Conexant is providing the cable industry with a cost-effective, robust and fast-track entry into the home-networking market," Conexant vice president of business development and technology planning Peter Kempf said.

"Certification assures seamless interoperability within multivendor networks, providing cable users with the ability to mix and match products from a wide range of sources, as opposed to being locked into a single supplier," he added.

The reference design would create a system able to support local-area-networking interfaces including Ethernet, universal-serial-bus and "HomePlug" connections.