Conference: Tear Down Boundaries


The cable industry should help to tear down boundaries that keep its
audiences from becoming more global.

That was one of the overriding messages at the Horowitz Associates Inc. forum
on the state of cable and broadband, held Thursday morning in New York.

'New markets are becoming ever more transnational, colorful and
multicultural,' Surveys Unlimited president Alisse Waterston said.

Because the cable-television content produced in the United States crosses
more borders than ever, Americans have become the gatekeepers to what is seen
and understood, as well as what won't be seen, she argued.

'The primacy of American English leaves us open to charges of cultural
imperialism,' Waterston said.

Executives from Cox Communications Inc., AT&T Broadband and Time Warner
Cable of New York City said they've seen increased consumer demand for
foreign-language programming, especially Hispanic channels.