Conn. DPUC Denies Cox Complaint vs. SBC


Despite the opposition of Cox Connecticut Telecommunications LLC, the state’s Department of Public Utility Control has approved use of a consumer win-back program there by the local unit of SBC Communications Inc.

The cable-telephony unit had complained that the promotion -- which SBC began offering April 1 -- violated tariff rules, as it was applied to both regulated and nonregulated service offerings.

SBC’s promotion takes a page out of the marketing book of video and other competitors. Connecticut residential and business customers who opt to buy their service from the local SBC unit will have their installation charges waived.

“It’s typical of the entire industry -- a way to get customers to switch back to us by offering an incentive,” SBC regional spokeswoman Beverly Levy said.

But noting the concern of competitors, the DPUC asked the other telephony vendors to keep data on the impact of the dominant carrier’s win-back program.

The DPUC voted its approval of the win-back program April 14. Levy said the promotion is scheduled to continue through Sept. 30.