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Connected TV: Opportunities Aplenty

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New York — The number of consumers with
televisions and mobile devices with Internet capabilities
— or “connected” devices — will triple
by 2015, and so will business
opportunities, according to

“Ultimately, the viewer is
the really big winner,” vice
president of HBO Go Hans
Deutmeyer said on the “Devices,
Delivery and the Downand-
Dirt y Truth” panel .
Deutmeyer argues that cable
and satellite providers should
not view services like HBOGo,
which allows subscribers
to view HBO content on their
mobile devices such as iPads,
as the enemy.

Instead, Deutmeyer said, the
HBOGo service will help providers,
because it adds value to
the HBO subscription. “It really
is a great retention tool for us,”
he said.

Tara Maitra, senior vice
president and general manger
of content and media sales at
TiVo — which premiered Hulu Plus on TiVo Premiere
DVRs this week — says that content players
are also huge winners, since their content is becoming
easier to find. However, she said that some
providers, who like to act as “gatekeepers” to their
content, are finding it difficult to keep those walls up.
“Internet-connected TVs
break down those [walls],”
said Maitra.

Richard Bullwinkle, chief
evangelist for Rovi, which
produces much of the technology
that connected devices
— namely Samsung’s
— use, said the key is to get
the cable and satellite providers
to understand how
the service works. “We are
now in a world where consumers
set the use cases,”
said Bullwinkle. “It’s no
longer us sitting in a lab and
saying, ‘What can we create
that consumers might
want?’ ”

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assistant at


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