Connecticut Congressfolk Ask FCC to Protect Broadcasters


Add members of the Connecticut congressional delegation led by Senators Joe Lieberman (Ind.) and Richard Blumenthal (D) to those asking the FCC to protect over-the-air TV service as it prepares to release its notice of proposed rulemaking Friday (Sept. 28) on spectrum incentive auctions.

In a letter to FCC chairman Julius Genachowski, the legislators point to the severe storms that hit the state last year that, in some cases, put cable, Internet and cellphone service providers out of the picture, while broadcasters remained up and providing critical emergency response information.

While they say they strongly support freeing up spectrum for wireless, they also urged the FCC to protect the public's ability to receive free TV signals from stations that choose not to go out of business after the auction.

"We believe that any plan that the commission adopts should not negatively impact the ability of our constituents to receive free local programming via free over the air service," they wrote.

That followed a similar letter from the New York delegation late last week.