Constitutional PAC Seeks Title II Opponents

Calls FCC Move the Obama-Wheeler Internet Takeover

The Conservative Constitutional Rights PAC is calling on supporters to lobby the Federal Communications Commission and Congress against reclassifying Internet access under some Title II regulations.

In an e-mail solicitation (for help as well as funds), the PAC labeled the planned Feb. 26 vote on new Open Internet rules "Obama's plan to regulate the Internet" and a "total Internet takeover by government."

The PAC has a petition to the FCC asking the commissioners to vote against the "Obama-Wheeler" plan. It also asks them to file comments at the FCC against Title II and to faxCongress asking it to defend the Internet.

Republican legislators have proposed a bill that would block Title II reclassification, while preventing blocking, throttling or paid prioritization, which have become the "Big Three" Internet protections.