Copps Heads To L.A.To Promote DTV Transition


Acting Federal Communications Commission chairman Michael Copps is going Hollywood to pitch DTV-transition preparedness.

Copps wil be in Los Angeles today and tomorrow (June 9 and 10) to "spread the word" that "time is running out."

Copps wil hold a news conference Wednesday at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences as well as conducting a number of interviews.

"In recent months the number of unprepared households has been cut in half," said Copps in announcing the road trip late Monday. "But with only four days remaining, there are still many viewers in Los Angeles who are not ready for the digital transition.

According to the most recent Nielsen data, approximately 15.3% of households (862,650 households) in the Los Angeles market rely entirely on over-the-air broadcasts and 4.69% of households in that market were not ready for the DTV transition."