Copps Pushes December Vote On Net Rules

FCC Source Says Item Isn’t on Agenda

Former FCC chairman and network neutrality fan Michael Copps says there is "no earthly reason" why new network neutrality rules should not be on the agenda for the FCC's Dec. 11 meeting. That tentative agenda is not out yet, but will be by Thursday (Nov. 20) per FCC custom.

Copps, who is now an adviser to Common Cause, called on Wheeler to put it on the agenda.

“The FCC has been compiling a record since before 2002; every possible argument has been stated and restated; it is impossible to imagine any new argument that hasn't already been made time and time again," said Copps, who wants the FCC's conclusion from all that to be classification under Title II.

An FCC source has indicated that the reason it likely would not be on that December agenda is that staffers were still vetting some of the newer, hybrid proposals. Then there is the President's call for Title II added into the mix.

Top Wheeler aide Gigi Sohn suggested last week in a radio interview that it was unlikely to make the meeting, but was still probably only a couple of months away.

The chairman also signaled more time was needed, and an FCC official confirmed Tuesday (Nov. 18) it was not on the December meeting agenda.