Copps, Tate Get Dec. 13 Senate Hearing


The Senate Commerce Committee has scheduled a Dec. 13 hearing on the Federal Communications Commission nominations of Deborah Taylor Tate and Michael Copps.

Tate, nominated by President Bush last week, is a Republican state regulator from Tennessee. She is slated to fill the seat left by former FCC chairman Michael Powell.

Copps, a Democrat appointed to the FCC in 2001, was nominated for a second term at the same time the White House made the Tate announcement.

On Thursday, Republican FCC commissioner Kathleen Abernathy announced her resignation effective Dec. 9.

Her departure, coupled with the confirmations of Tate and Copps, will still leave the FCC equally divided, 2-2, between Republicans and Democrats.

At some point, President Bush is expected to nominate a Republican to give his party a partisan advantage at the agency.