Core Fires Up Home-Net Program


Canadian operational-support-system provider Core Networks has launched a new
partnership program aimed at making it easier to link into CableHome
home-networking products.

Core's "CoreDuet" program will pull together software and hardware providers
building products to meet Cable Television Laboratories Inc.'s CableHome
home-networking specification.

The partners will jointly collaborate on integration, testing, marketing and
sales, thereby offering cable MSOs a coherent home-networking package to offer
to their high-speed-data customers.

"We believe strongly in the future of home networking and, by bringing
together strategic partners in the CoreDuet program, we ensure that our
customers will receive the most advanced software solutions for this market,"
Core director of product management Ian Parrott said.

"The operational benefits and time-to-market value as a result of this
program are key to our customers' success in the home-networking market," he

Core is in discussions with a number of potential partners. Formal
announcement of partnerships should be expected soon.