CoreMedia Integrates Commercial Post Log Data For Dish Network

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In a move that should facilitate agency purchases of direct response inventory, CoreMedia Systems Inc. has become the first company to electronically integrate commercial post log data for Dish Network.

The integration process begins when post log files are emailed to agencies in CoreDirect's new format. Files are saved to a folder within CoreDirect for posting against the media buy schedule. Air times are reported by cluster and individual network for easy analysis in CoreDirect.

Before the integration, users of the CoreDirect product received post log data-information showing when and where an advertiser's commercials aired on Dish Network-via e-mail or fax, and then had to manually input the data into CoreDirect.
"Core clients report significant time savings by eliminating the manual entry of post log data." said Glenn DeKraker, CEO and co-founder of Fairfield, N.J.-headquartered CoreMedia Systems, in a statement. "Not only are our clients now more productive, but their data will be more timely and accurate."
Noted Dish general manager of ad sales Brian Norris: "We are continually evolving our platform to make it easier for direct response agencies to do business with Dish Network. Our partnership with Core is a great example of our commitment to constantly improve a client's experience with our product."
At least one media buyer said his task has been made easier by CoreDirect's integrated post log data with the No. 2 DBS provider.
"We strive for greater efficiency in everything we do," said Jimmy Martone, associate broadcast buyer at G2, a New York agency that uses CoreDirect. "Our jobs are made easier, and we are more effective as an agency, when we have partners that have our increased efficiency in mind."