Council Forms to Spark FTTH


A triumvirate of broadband-equipment and fiber vendors has formed an alliance
with the aim of jump-starting the North American fiber-to-the home market.

Three companies -- Alcatel Alsthom, Corning Inc. and Optical Solutions Inc.
-- head the Fiber-to-the-Home Council, which will look to push the technology
with members in the telecommunications, computing, networking and
content-provider industries.

The FTTH Council has already added more than one-dozen members, including
Adesta Communications Inc., Alcoa Fujikura Ltd. Telecommunications Division,
American Power Conversion Corp., Atlantic Engineering Group Inc., CopperCom,
Financial Strategies Group LLC, iWired Inc., Lightwaves Communications Systems
Inc., Network Telco Inc., Nexans, Pirelli Cables & Systems, Science
Applications International Corp., Sumitomo Electric Lightwave Corp., The Fishel
Co., Wave7 Optics Inc. and World Wide Packets Inc.

The Council, which will hold its first meeting in August, will also try to
add service-operator members, although none has committed to back the effort so

Although FTTH technology offers high speeds and increased bandwidth, cable
operators have maintained that the technology is too expensive to install over
their existing networks and that current bandwidth-management techniques will
alleviate the need for FTTH, at least for the foreseeable