Court TV Adds Series to Its Summer Lineup

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New York— Court TV’s summer lineup will include a pair of new series and a limited series spun from its Web site The Smoking Gun (

In Casino Takedown, starting next month, former con man Paul Wilson and his team of expert grifters, cheats and card sharps use high-tech gadgets and skill to “take down” and outwit casino security. The twist: the casino’s retained Wilson’s crew to test the games, dealers and security guards.

In August, Court premieres hybrid reality/docudrama Parco, PI, tracking the Parcos, a family of New York private eyes. It combines elements of verite documentaries and scripted drama, Court said.

In July, Court will go the limited series route with The Smoking Gun, a show that brings to life sensational documents from the Court-owned Web site, including segments on scandalous legal snafus and hard-to-believe cases.