Court TV Eyes Alleged Terrorist Trial


Courtroom Television Network will file an application to televise the trial
of Zacaraias Moussaoui, the man whom federal authorities alleged was supposed to
be the 20th hijacker Sept. 11.

Moussaoui is charged with six counts of terrorism-related felonies, four of
which are punishable by the maximum penalty of death.

The trial is expected to begin as early as March in federal court in
Alexandria, Va.

Court TV's request came after the unanimous approval Dec. 20 by the U.S.
Senate of a bill that would require the court to put the proceedings of the
Moussaoui trial on closed-circuit television so that relatives of victims of the
Sept. 11 attacks can watch at 'convenient locations' across the country.

The U.S. House of Representatives will consider the bill next