Court TV Eyes Younger Jury


Courtroom Television Network said it will target younger viewers when it
launches a new primetime block of hip, investigation-based series and specials
this fall.

The new slate is part of an ambitious $180 million programming outlay for the
next two years, three-fourths of which is devoted to originals, CEO Henry
Schleiff said at an upfront breakfast Monday.

Ad-sales head Tom Gordon said Court TV expects to rake in significantly more
than $50 million in this year's upfront, with more than 50 percent of its
inventory sold during the period.

A number of the new shows will fall into a new block of primetime programming
dubbed "I Zone," targeted toward young, upscale viewers.

The daily, 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. block will feature such new 30-minute series as
How Did It Happen, a forensics-based show that examines spectacular
crashes and structural failures; Masterminds, a look at the mind of elite
criminals; and Heist!, about ingenious bank robberies and museum

Other shows under the I Zone umbrella include Caper Challenge, a game
show/reality series hybrid; and House of Clues, in which investigative
experts and amateur detectives team up to use ordinary items to solve in-house