Court TV Finds That Crime Does Pay


Reality TV takes a "criminal" turn in Courtroom Television Network’s upcoming series, Impossible Heists

The show, premiering Oct. 26 at 10 p.m. (EST), challenges two three-member teams of U.K. and U.S. experts to plan and pull off re-creations of some of the most spectacular heists in history.

Using only the tools and plans provided, the teams must surmount security systems and structural obstacles, like concrete floors and steel doors, to pull off the jobs within 24 hours.

The pilot episode re-creates a 1986 Los Angeles bank job in which a heist crew tunneled under the facility and robbed more than $1 million worth of cash, bonds and jewels. Aided by security experts, one team will attack the bank from underground, while the other attempts to enter from the street level via a side entrance. The most successful squad takes home thousands of dollars in electronic equipment.

Impossible Heists is produced by Outline Productions.