Court TV Finds a GlowPoint


Court TV will use GlowPoint Inc.’s Internet-protocol-based two-way broadcast solution for content delivery across its networkand Web site ( following an agreement between the two companies, announced Wednesday.

The network said GlowPoint’s technology will be used for obtaining both live and taped content delivered from various locations across the United States.

GlowPoint connection circuits will be installed in Court TV’s New York studios, in a courthouse in a major metropolitan city and at the office of Kenneth W. Starr at Pepperdine University School of Law for his editorial commentary on the upcoming Supreme Court Justice Senate confirmation hearings.

The network said it will also use GlowPoint's portable IP-broadcast-solution technology for coverage of legal proceedings and trials in other locations to capture and air real-time interviews and commentary.

And GlowPoint will host footage accessed through broadband-streaming play and subscription service CourtTV Extra.

“The flexibility of a portable broadcasting method, combined with the cost efficiency and guaranteed reliability of IP for live or taped footage, is an asset to our news-delivery system,” Court TV senior vice president of broadcast and technical operations Robert Pumo said in a prepared statement.