Court TV Goes Undercover


With a guerilla-marketing effort that includes advertising in laundromats, bars and restaurants — as well as banners trailed by airplanes and posters in public restrooms — New York City and Detroit residents will have a hard time avoiding plugs for Court TV’s new series Parco P.I. this month.

Court TV is also advertising the new series with advertising on New York City taxicabs and buses, in addition to billboards.

Parco P.I., which follows a private detective and a band of attractive young female assistants, premiered on Sept. 4, with a 0.8 household rating, according to Nielsen Media Research.


Court TV officials said they were pleased with the performance of the show, considering ratings may have been affected by coverage of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

While the network also bought national TV, spot cable and radio ads in a multimillion-dollar campaign to promote the series, senior vice president of marketing Mary Corigliano said the viral and guerilla marketing elements of the campaign are designed to help maintain buzz for the show throughout its 14-episode run.

“I wanted to have the campaign live the life of the show, and I want him [Parco] to be popping up in places,” Corigliano said.

Court TV hired marketing firms Universal Buzz and Night Agency to run the campaign.


Among the more unusual tactics: pictures of Parco placed on the bottom of beer mugs, and posters hanging on the walls of bathrooms in bars that people will see when looking in the mirror.

Corigliano said Court TV hopes to reach media buyers in New York and Detroit with the campaign.