Court TV Hopes Webcasts Will Translate


Court TV is tapping broadband to lift its profile among Hispanic households.

Working in conjunction with parent Turner Broadcasting System's Multicultural Market Development division and sister company AOL Latino, Court TV is presenting Spanish-language versions of episodes of the fourth season of its Psychic Detectives series online.

Beginning Dec. 11, two dubbed episodes of the non-fiction show — with Spanish narration and subtitled interview segments — will stream on aol­ There, users will be directed to, a microsite from which they will also be able to screen the stream of those episodes, plus two other Spanish-dubbed installments of Psychic Detectives. On Dec. 18, another episode will debut on AOL Latino and then be made available on the Court microsite.

“We want to bring Court TV to a more diverse audience,” said senior vice president of marketing Mary Corigliano. “Court TV already has a good following among Hispanic viewers, and we think this initiative will make it even stronger.”

Court TV officials said Latinos represent about 15% of the network's overall primetime audience, and that total improved 10% this past month, up from November 2005.

To support the initiative, Court TV has secured a schedule on the Hispanic Radio Network, which reaches 74% of this nation's Latino households. “It's a good mix of talk, music and sports, including Mexican soccer,” said Corigliano, noting that the network at press time was shoring up deals for other media. “All of our marketing messages will be communicated in Spanish.”

Promotion for this initiative is also taking shape in the form of “roadblocks” on the entertainment and TV sections of AOL Latino, banner ads on its home page and messages on its e-mail application.

Corigliano said that this effort would be the first of many multicultural marketing thrusts by Court TV in the months ahead.

“We expect to direct more marketing initiatives toward Latinos in 2007, as well as to African-American and Asian-American households,” she said, noting that the campaigns would likely play off of the network's general marketing efforts, with “packets in their own voices.”

The fifth season of Psychic Detectives is scheduled to bow next spring, although Court will supply sneak peeks of fresh episodes on Dec. 20 and Dec. 27 at 10 p.m.