Court TV Offers to Host Dem Debates


Courtroom Television Network announced Wednesday that it has offered to host
debates between the Democratic presidential candidates.

The invitation was made to Terry McAuliffe, chairman of the Democratic
National Committee, by Henry Schleiff, chairman and CEO of Court TV.

The network said the method, format, timing and location of the debates would
be determined in partnership with the DNC.

Discussion would include the candidates' views on several key legal topics,
among them the death penalty, immigration, privacy, racial profiling, tort
reform, homeland security and the future makeup of the Supreme Court.

"As the only network dedicated solely to covering all aspects of our system
of justice, we feel it makes tremendous sense to invite the democratic nominees
to debate these issues, and we hope they will take advantage of this unique
opportunity to reach their constituents," Schleiff said in a

In other Court TV news, the network said Wednesday that it has named New York-based ad agency DeVito/Verdi to develop a third-quarter campaign for its signature series Forensic Files.

Estimated at $4 million-plus, the account has previously been handled in-house.