Court TV Seeks Criminal Footage


Court TV became the latest cable network to tap into the user-generated-video trend, announcing that it is looking for video catching criminals in the act supplied by viewers and police officers, and it will pay for winning submissions.

The crime-and-punishment-oriented network will feature the video on its new broadband RED TAPE Web page ( and on its hit TV show, Video Justice. Users will receive $100 if their clip is used online and $500 if it is used on Video Justice.

RED TAPE -- which is short for “Real, Exciting, Dramatic”-- is part of an initiative launched in June. The broadband channel offers downloadable Court TV programming, cellular-phone alerts on court-case verdicts and video-on-demand.

"We see RED TAPE creating an online community for law enforcement and citizens to view and share compelling videos of crimes caught on tape," Court TV general manager Marc Juris said. "We want to entertain viewers but also show potential lawbreakers that cameras are everywhere and that today, it's pretty difficult to get away with a crime without being recorded."