Court TV Volunteers for Saddam Duty


Court TV has offered to televise the trial and other legal proceedings of Saddam Hussein and specifically to provide the pool camera that would make live coverage available to networks throughout the world.

Chairman Henry Schleiff made the offer in a letter to President George W. Bush Tuesday.

"The trial of Saddam Hussein -- wherever it takes place -- will be the most carefully scrutinized in the world's history, and peace may hang in the balance," Schleiff said in the letter.

"The credibility of the judicial process will determine whether the outcome is accepted, and skepticism will be the starting point for many people around the world," he continued. "The only way to demonstrate that the process is fair is to let everyone see it unfold first-hand with their own eyes and ears. Transparency will be the key."

In other Court TV news, the network will team up with Sundance Channel to create "The First Amendment Project," a series of half-hour films about the First Amendment.

The four-part series -- which will air on both networks in August -- will challenge viewers to examine their understanding of the First Amendment and to recognize challenges to freedoms of religion, speech and the media in the current political climate.