Court TV's Files to Air on NBC


Call it a case of reverse repurposing if you will: Courtroom Television
Network's most-popular series, Forensic Files, will get a second life on
Sunday nights on NBC during late summer.

In a deal announced by the networks Monday, the Court TV series will air on
NBC at 8 p.m. beginning Aug. 25 and extending for another three Sunday nights
through Sept. 25. NBC will air back-to-back episodes of the show as a lead-in to
Law & Order: Criminal Intent and Crime & Punishment.

Typically, cable networks have reaired broadcast networks' shows in short
windows, like Turner Network Television does with The WB Television Network's
Charmed and FX did with Fox's 24.

The arrangement, financial terms of which were not disclosed, provides Court
TV with a license fee, plus brand-building opportunities, as it places
Forensic Files on the leading broadcast network on the medium's
most-watched night.

Court TV chairman and CEO Henry Schleiff said the show will be identified
on-air as a Court TV property and will gain one promo spot within each NBC

For the 'Peacock Network,' the addition of Forensic Files affords it
with something fresh to proffer its viewers before the start of the fall

Schleiff said NBC holds an option for additional exposures.

Court TV will help to boost the NBC run with five new episodes of Forensic
, which averages a 0.9 on the cable channel, scheduled to air the week
of Aug. 26 in its regular 9 p.m. time slot.

Schleiff said the additional exposure on NBC will ultimately benefit
Forensic Files and cable operators with systems that carry the program on
a recurrent basis.

Similarly, he added, operators would gain from the launch of Trial by
, the one-hour strip featuring Court TV host Nancy Glass, which will be
syndicated by NBC Enterprises in 2003.

Schleiff said profits from that show will be reinvested in original
programming that will air on Court TV.