Covergence to Provide E-911 for Vonage


Vonage Holdings Corp. will use Covergence’s “Eclipse” to provide E-911 call routing, call recording and call-detail records, the vendor said Monday.

The voice-over-Internet-protocol provider will be able to intelligently route E-911 calls to the correct emergency-services gateway based on customer information retrieved from the E-911 service-bureau database, which will enable Vonage to meet Federal Communications Commission guidelines for VoIP service providers’ E-911 services.

“Vonage continues to seek out those technologies that will ensure our customers' safety, and it is rolling out E-911 services that will meet or exceed those currently available through traditional phone service," Vonage Network senior vice president Martin Hakim Din said in a prepared statement.

“Covergence provides us with another key piece of the puzzle, and it will help us to ensure that our customers receive reliable and efficient emergency-phone service,” he added.