Cox to Bow Millennials-Focused OTT Video Service

‘Flare MeTV’ to Start Ad-Free (Updated)
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Following in the footsteps of Comcast’s “Watchable” and Verizon’s new go90 service, Cox Communications is preparing to branch  out with a video streaming service that is targeted to millennial audiences, The Wall Street Journal reported.

The MSO official told the paper that Flare MeTV, expected to launch later this year first as an app for the iPad, will initially be offered in the U.S. without ads, though it could eventually support advertising or subscription-based models later.  The coming app’s “Flipboard-like” UI will also allow users to search across different services, including HBO, Showtime and Hulu, the pub said. 

A Cox official confirmed  those details, noting that more information will be announced closer to the launch later this year. 

Update:According to a Web site that previews Flare MeTV that went live on Friday (November 6), users will have the ability to personalize their viewing with daily updated playlists, and select specific topics for their individual feeds, including politics, entertainment, business, technology, science and health. The site also enables consumers to register for Flare MeTV’s beta. Cox has also created a Twitter handle for it (@flaremetv) and set up a Facebook page for Flare MeTV.

By comparison, Watchable and go90 are both starting under the free, ad-supported model with sanctioned content partners, though subscription-based options will be available via go90 following its recent content and marketing deal with the NBA.

Flare MeTV is just one of a recent string of OTT services from Cox that carry the Flare label.

Among them, Cox recently launched FlareKids, an ad-free, family-friendly OTT streaming app for the iPad featuring content from networks such as PBS Kids, Nickelodeon and Disney Channel. Cox has also introduced flarePlay, an OTT subscription gaming service. Cox also markets myflare, a personal media management service that lets customers store digital pictures, video, music and documents in the cloud

Coxshut down its short-lived flareWatch IPTV trial in 2013.