Cox Dials Up Speed Trials with Camiant


Cox Communications Inc. will give its high-speed cable-modem customers a temporary turbo button to try out a higher-bandwidth service soon.

The Atlanta-based MSO is tapping network-gear provider Camiant Inc.’s “PacketCable Multimedia” policy-server product, which can throttle up cable-modem speeds to specific users on the fly.

The policy server controls who is allowed to tap the network and how much bandwidth they are allowed, and by adding a PacketCable Multimedia application, it can temporarily open up a specific customer’s bandwidth pipe.

Cox is hoping to use this feature to upsell customers from lower-speed cable-modem tiers to its higher-bandwidth premium offerings.

Until now, Cox has been offering speed demos by resetting the bandwidth for whole batches of cable-modem customers and rebooting their modems in the middle of the night. With the new Camiant-powered technology, each customer can opt to temporarily upgrade their bandwidth, with no reboot of the modem required.

“We’ll be able to configure those modems on the fly, so we’ll have a lot more flexibility to do it and be able to do it on-demand,” said Scott Hightower, vice president of data-product development and support for Cox.

“So we won’t have to do it any specific weekend, or we could give customers the flexibility to try the speeds when they are available to try them instead of us telling them a specific weekend,” he added.