Cox Gets Bundle of Power Praise


Cox Communications Inc., a top proponent of the triple-play bundle, has scored at or near the top in customer satisfaction for each of the products in that bundle, according to J.D. Power and Associates.

The ranking firm said customer satisfaction is based on customer service, which represents 25% of the score, as well as reliability (19%), image (16%), correct billing (15%), cost (14%) and promotions and other offers (11%). Those factors are weighed to give companies a score on a 1,000-point scale.

Cox may have the edge on other providers because it offers the convenience of a single bill for all of its products, a single point of contact for the bundle and aggressive discounting, according to J.D. Power senior director of telecommunications research Steve Kirkeby.

Among video providers, the top three scorers were WideOpenWest LLC (717), DirecTV Inc. (716) and Cox (711). The industry average score for customer satisfaction was 667. Other providers -- including EchoStar Communications Corp., Cable One Inc. and Bright House Networks -- also came in above industry average.

Cox was the top-rated high-speed-data provider, with a score of 733, followed by Verizon Communications Inc. (729) and BellSouth Corp. (725) rounding out the top three. The industry-average satisfaction score was 706.

Cox's Western division -- which was the first region to widely deploy telephone services -- topped the survey for telephone providers. Two traditional phone companies, SBC Communications Inc. and AT&T Corp., came in second and third with scores of 703 and 689, respectively. The industry average score was 685. Verizon scored second-to-last in the category with a 660, according to J.D. Power.