Cox Gets Down To Business With Aerospace Manufacturer


Cox Business has sold a suite of services, including products from partner Nortel, to Burnham Composite Structures Inc., a Kansas manufacturer to the aerospace industry.

Burnham is the first business to benefit from the sales center that allows Cox Business to be a one-stop shop for communications services and technology equipment. Under a multiyear contract to Cox, Nortel's sales center personnel contact potential customers and pitches its own products, as well as Cox services.

Cox Business will provide the customer with voice, data and video services over a locally managed and operated communications network. Burham will also now have access to a full range of Nortel's product and services packages including the Business Communications Manager, the company's hybrid Internet protocol PBX.

"Whether it is a wireless portable phone, a standard desktop phone or eve a fully functional PC phone, we have been able to tailor service to each end user's specific needs. By integrating all of these services and equipment through Cox Business, we have significantly reduced our costs and gained a long-term partner for future growth," said Ron Moore, chief financial office for Burnham, in a prepared statement.

The Cox-Nortel effort has already been deployed in several of the operator's markets, and Cox plans to roll out the program in all 18 of its markets in 2009