Cox Goes Wide With New ‘Contour’

Launches offering, based on Comcast’s X1 platform, in most markets
Cox Contour web promo 400x300.jpg

In the wake of a deal to license Comcast’s X1 platform on a national basis announced late last year, Cox Communications has launched its new cloud-based video platform to almost all of the MSO’s markets.

Cox initially deployed its new platform, which keeps the MSO’s “Contour” brand, in San Diego, and has since rolled it out in systems serving Rhode Island; Connecticut; Cleveland; Macon, Ga.;  Central Florida; Louisiana; Oklahoma City and Tulsa, Okla; Kansas; Arkansas; Arizona; Las Vegas; and San Diego, Santa Barbara and Orange County, Calif.

The only Cox market left is Virginia. Cox expects to launch the new Contour there on April 26, an MSO official said. 

With its agreement to license X1, Cox essentially picked Comcast’s platform to underpin the MSO’s so-called “future state” video project. “We’ve made our pick,” Steve Necessary, Cox’s vice president of product development and management, told Multichannel News last November, adding that Cox had “cast our lot” with X1.

Cox and Comcast didn’t reveal the financial terms of the deal, but, generally speaking, it’s operating on a per-subscriber basis. Cox has about 4 million subs. Canada’s Shaw Communications has also licensed X1, and is using it today for FreeRange TV, a new mobile video app introduced in January.

Cox has set up a Web site to promote the new Contour (the original version of Contour was developed with Cisco Systems and others), which features a cloud-based UI for set-tops and mobile devices and support for a voice remote that has become a key feature on Comcast’s X1 platform. The current version of Cox Contour does not support a cloud DVR.