Cox Las Vegas Offers Local-Candidate Info On Demand

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Cox Communications will offer digital-cable customers in Southern Nevada extended access to local candidates and their political platforms on-demand, officials said Tuesday.

Cox Communications Las Vegas has rolled out video-on-demand content composed of two-minute cameos from 94 candidates for local and state office. The content can be accessed through Nov. 4 via the on-demand platform on Cox Channel 1.

“One challenge the voting electorate faces is not just getting out to vote but voting for a candidate they know something about,” Steve Schorr, vice president of public and government affairs for Cox Las Vegas, said in a statement. “This initiative is our way of bringing candidates and voters together in a way that has never been done before in Nevada.”

The Elections ’08 content is being produced by Cox without any cost to the candidates. This initiative provides voters with insight into political platforms as well as the candidate’s thoughts. All 112 candidates for local and state office were invited to have their own two-minute cameo produced using a candidate-developed script. The goal of the initiative is to inform voters and help them make educated choices this election season.

In addition to the Elections ’08 cameos, political facts and public-interest content, speeches and events such as the national debates and the recent Democratic and Republican National Conventions, also will be available.