Cox Launches iPad App For Highest-Speed Subs

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Cox Communications has launched an
iPad app letting customers watch about 35 live TV
channels over a home Wi-Fi connection — but
the service isn’t available to subscribers who have
entry-level broadband tiers.

The TV Connect app
is available for no extra
charge to Cox cable TV
customers who have Preferred
(12 Megabits per
second down), Premier
(20 Mbps) or Ultimate (50
Mbps) high-speed Internet

Subscribers on Cox’s
two lower-end broadband
tiers — Economy/Starter (1 Mbps down) and Value
(3 Mbps) — will be unable to log in with the iPad

According to Cox, the majority of broadband
customers are on Preferred or higher tiers. The
operator is offering TV Connect “on most tiers as
a value-add capability, and we want to ensure the
overall user experience of streaming video is positive,”
a spokesman said. The operator has no plans
currently to offer TV Connect to Economy/Starter
or Value tier subs.

The TV Connect app includes an on-screen
guide, and customers can select a full-screen
viewing option once a program has been selected.
Cox worked with NDS to develop the iPad
app’s interface and digital rights management

“Cox of fers convenience
through convergence
and TV Connect is
a new way we are making
viewing more convenient
and flexible for our customers,”
Cox vice president
of video product
development and management
Steve Necessary
said in a statement.
“Our TV Connect offering will continue to evolve
and expand, adding even more value to our services.”

Cox said the channels available through TV
Connect vary slightly by market.